Monday, April 16, 2012

Dairy Farming Should Be #1

Boring, boring, boring day on the farm. Nothing to do but wait and wait around. After the evening milking I finally sat down at the computer to work on some past due reports. And do a little web surfing, of course. For research purposes only, right?

Then I came across a list of jobs from best to worst and dairy farming was listed at darn near the bottom according to some crazy people. As if working with me would be horrible? I'm a likable cow. I make milk. Lots of milk. What else would you rather be doing than hanging out with me?

I think this list must be backwards. Software engineer is first, followed by actuary and human resources manager. Can you explain what they do without googling them like I did? Hopefully everyone knows that dairy farmers supply milk and ice cream and cheese and... well you get the picture.

So I emailed this to The Farmer, anonymously of course, to see what he would do. From our secret spy cam in his office I watched him create the rebuttal that follows this report.

Agent 219, reporting from the Udder Side.

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