Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Break Is A Bummer

Sunglasses and suntan lotion; check. Tickets; check. Thunderstorms and tornadoes; check. Just when we were going to get away for a few days to the beach for some spring break fun, the storms came in. The good news is that there was no damage for The Farmer. Our hearts go out to those who suffered from the extreme weather. But on a more personal level, we are real sad that our flight was cancelled. No beach, no sand, no sun, no fun.

The Farmer's Wife would probably say this is a good time for comfort food and she just might suggest macaroni and cheese. Mac and cheese has come a long way since the little blue box most folks have fond memories of. There are hundreds of ways of fixing it and even fancy sit down restaurants are serving it. The most important thing is that cheese and milk are essential ingredients. I'm proud that my milk is comforting people and satisfying their hunger. Maybe we can pick some up on the way home from the airport. I need some comfort, too.

Agent 119, reporting from the Udder Side ( not the beach!)


  1. The box of mac and cheese with the foil "cheese" pouch is still one of my comfort foods! After a horrifically bad day last month, that is what I made!

    I am glad that the Farmer did not suffer any damage, and I also am sad for all those who lost lives and property in the extreme weather.

    1. My kids still prefer the box to homemade to my wife's dismay. I think they could eat it every day.