Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally Decoded

One word could describe the weather on this operation lately, and that would be cold.  The Farmer has been working extra hard to do the smallest things.  We have noticed he needs his kerosene heater as much as his tractor these days.

Agent 214 has been hard at work on the codes we have been tracking.  She has discovered that they originate from one source, Bovines United Legion Can Rule All People.  This is the organization behind all of this group of messages.  They are a strange collection of cows who put way too much thought into the "four legs good and two legs bad" philosophy.

We have been anxious to see what the messages mean.  Are they veiled threats against C.A.L.F.?  Are they gathering intelligence of something that is to come?  Could the messages be sent to other agents with embedded orders?

Agent 214 motions me over the the laptop in her stall.  It is cramped with both of us in there, but I can see the message on the screen and I'm not sure how it will affect our current mission.  She's very excited to have completed her first assignment out of school. The decoded message translates to "Eat mor chikin."

Agent 101 reporting from the Udder Side.

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