Monday, February 23, 2015

Where Are The Verified Farmers?

So the cows have been having an interesting discussion on who are the most popular people. Actors and actresses were named. Others cited athletes that they liked. Soon the discussion turned to music and a fight was ready to break out on who's the better singer Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. It is a popular argument around the barnyard. As for me I said, Shake it Off.

Before any hooves were thrown The Farmer walked by us carrying buckets of steaming water.

That's when I began to think that perhaps we were right about who's the most popular, but we were missing the boat on who's the most important and who should be recognized.

Most everyone can appreciate great artistry and athletic prowess. Even The Farmer had baseball and rock band posters hanging on his walls.

led zeppelin jimmy page robert plant
Cheaters and Old Farts

These things are good, but sometimes they let you down. We should look a little deeper.

Politicians represent the people (hopefully, and what about us cows?!?) and garner respect (sometimes). The laws of the land keep us civilized. Before even that the land, or the people, must be tamed and warriors are given thanks for this. And still we must dig deeper.

For all of these people to survive they rely on one group. The farmers. Whether you are the manliest meat-eater from Montana or a voracious Vermont vegan, farmers are working hard to provide food and fiber for everyone. Young or old. Rich or poor. Famous or not. No one survives, and not even us cows, without the farmers.

Know a farmer?

Today many farmers are daily bridging the gap between the farm and the consumers through the use of social media, including Twitter. Want to hear the day to day struggles of a crop farmer with his eyes to West watching brewing storm clouds and acres left to harvest? How about the sleepless nights watching cows during the midst of calving season? All of these and everything in between these rows are being tweeted about.

Paul Harvey, the great radio commentator, once gave the speech entitled So God Made a Farmer to show the respect he had, and that everyone else should have, toward those that toil the soil and care for the livestock. One of life's great inequities is that while God can make a farmer only Twitter can verify one.

As a cow I think that Twitter has plenty of good reasons to verify a farmer. They have rock stars, porn stars, comedians, astronauts, and just about everyone verified but a farmer. It is time. Now, we're not suggesting they should verify our farmer. He's certifiable, but maybe not verifiable.


Today we'd like to suggest to Twitter to celebrate farmers by giving verified status to Will Gilmer, a dairy farmer.

As one of, if not the, first dairy farmer on Twitter Will Gilmer has made the most of the platform. Like a milk squeezin' Nathan Fillion, Gilmer is constantly interacting with his followers. He shares his daily routine of milking, feeding, planting, harvesting, as well as some cheese-y, dairy humor.

Gilmer also uses all Twitter has to offer, such as Vine and the new in app video camera. Even Twtrland has him ranked in the top 5%!

Of course no one wants a one trick pony, and Gilmer is not just about the milk. During sport seasons he tweets about his alma mater Mississippi State. He's the first to admit they usually need some cheering on to succeed.

Twitter gods beyond the ether, and the tech guys and gals calling the shots at the Twitter HQ, we implore you to show some love and respect for the farmers. Why not think it over while you're enjoying a tasty glass of milk with your breakfast?

Agent 275, reporting from the Udder Side,

Jose Canseco and Led Zeppelin photos via Wikipidia
With inspiration from How do you become a farmer rock star? by DON SCHINDLER

Part II: Our Interview With Don Schindler On Verified Farmers

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