Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hidden Farmer Cam

Nothing beats documentation when you want to prove animal abuse. Let us introduce Exhibit A, the hidden farmer camera from last week in the calf barn.


Did you see the cruelty? Did you see the abuse? Trust me, it takes a trained eye to see things sometimes, but if you missed it this time you are as blind as a bat!


Now, did you see it? Let's pull a frame out to highlight the abuse.


Preferential feline treatment such as this should not be excused! Contact the news media, social media, and the....the.....the media media! Let our voices be heard!

Cows first! Cats second! Cows first! Cats second!

I imagine farmers from all over the planet are letting cows play second fiddle to barn cats and that is abuse! We have to stop the cycle! It isn't right, and if we all band together we can change farmers. We can change farms. We can change food processors. We can change the food distribution network. We can change grocery stores. We can change restaurants.

I propose we start a campaign to make sure the dairy products everyone purchases is sourced from cows and calves that were fed before any farm cats. There should be a label on the dairy products you purchase. Look for it.

Contact your favorite hipster restaurant and make sure they serve the right kind of dairy products. Lets start the official #CowBabeArmy and go after anyone that disagrees with us sells milk from farms that gives preferential treatment to cats over cows and calves. Maybe a Cows First Facebook Page to be the heartbeat of our cause?

Remember, those that disagree with us obviously are animal abusers. If we yell loud enough we can drown out their voices and put them in their place.

Agent 234, reporting from the Udder Side.


  1. I love this. Truth!

  2. Your farmer cam made me laugh so hard! I always have to feed my cats first. If I don't, I pay for it! It is too bad that groups like Peta and HSUS use dubious inflammatory media to get more donations. By the looks of the salaries of their CEOs, it appears very little money is spent saving animals! Anyway, your farmer cam is wonderful and very informative! We need more videos! My best to Fred the Cat ;)

    1. Thanks! Along with the animal rights activists the other problem is those that use fear and guilt to manipulate the food choices we make and leave science and reason at the door. It makes it hard for even discerning consumers to make healthy choices. Insert shared inforgraphic on Facebook here.

      Fred says thank you kindly.

  3. I did spot the abuse!!!! The fact that I had a cat lying on my lap at the time who was beating me soundly with her tail to distract me probably had something to do with it.

    1. I'm sure the cat was like "what abuse?" :) There is no question on who is the master and who is the slave when you're talking about your cat.

  4. Shoot, I thought the abuse was that the farmer was feeding the cat milk! Silly farmer...cats cant digest cow's milk!

  5. I think this is a really funny post, but I was wondering if you actually have cameras on your farm? I think that that is a REALLY great idea! Its an awesome way to hold employees accountable for their actions as well as being sure of your herds treatment! I am participating in the College Aggies Online scholarship program, and I think that having cameras on your farm is a really great way for you to AGvocate because it promotes transparency! Thanks a ton for this post! As the calf manager at my dairy, it was a good laugh!

    1. Thanks for commenting. We don't have cameras on our farm currently because there's only three family members and one employee. I trust my father to care for the baby calves when he feeds. :) However, I would love to sometime put some cameras up so we can check in on the cows, especially the maternity area, when we are not around. Some of that footage might be fun to share publicly, too.

      Congrats to you for being on the scholarship program!