Monday, March 11, 2013

What Do Dairy Cows Eat?

Cows Love To Eat Hay

We've heard a few discussions about what dairy cows like to eat and I thought I would clear everything up. First let me say we enjoy the epitome of fine dining.

Besides hay the farmer also harvests wheat, rye, and ryegrass and stores it in the silos in the spring. He does the same in the fall with his corn. The silage stays green, fresh, and delicious!

Cows love to eat silage

Last, but not least, we do enjoy some tasty grain. The Farmer has the silage tested and a complimentary grain is selected that will help complete our nutritional requirements. You can't eat poorly and still make lots of nutritious milk (or be a good secret agent)!

Agent 101, lounging at the Hay Buffet on the Udder Side.


  1. I had an interesting twitter conversation with Dairy Carrie not too long ago about exactly what "hay" is. I didn't know it could be different plants and that cows needed a variety to stay healthy.

    I'm loving hanging out with farmers online. Thanks for educating us city folk!

    1. Dairy Carrie is awesome! Another thing that's kind of interesting about hay is the quality of each harvest or cutting. Here we may only get 3 cuttings of hay off each field a year. The 2cd and 3rd will be softer (so to speak) and we'll save it for calves.

      Glad you're interested in farming! :)