Monday, December 12, 2011

Tummyaches and Television

I think it must have been something I ate, whether it was too much or too little I'm not sure, but I just started feeling bad.  This morning during my milking I didn't even want to eat my feed, covered in sweet molasses as it was.  When I exited the dairy barn The Farmer singled me out and walked me into the other barn.  In my unhealthy state he easily escorted me into the head chute to keep me still.

I didn't know what to expect except that maybe that he was onto us.  Before I could reach the cyanide capsule underneath my fake tooth The Farmer placed some large pills down my throat. "That oughtta make you feel better." he told me, but I didn't believe him.  The Farmer walked me into a stable, checked to make sure I had water, and then fed me some green, leafy hay.

After he left, Agent 101 came in to check on me.  She asked me if the pills had helped my stomachache any.  I couldn't believe that was why The Farmer had given them to me, but she assured me that was what the pills were for.  She said I would be feeling better by morning.  Maybe The Farmer was being good to me.

Before leaving, Agent 101 loaned me her new Ipad to keep me from being bored while I was alone in the stable.  I did some random web surfing before I came across one of my old favorite television shows, "Til The Cows Come Home" with the famous theme song by Handsome Dairy Dave and the Bashful Bulls.  I ended up staying awake all night watching those crazy cows and their adventures.

Agent 465, feeling a little better and reporting from the Udder Side.

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