Monday, June 23, 2014

Dairy Farmer at Disney

Well, The Farmer and his family took a trip down to Disney World. And he probably thought he could get away from us.

Fat chance.
Dairy Cow at Epcot
I had a great time stalking following him around the parks and resorts. Along the way I took notice of a few dairy good things. While Disney was not celebrating June Dairy Month (WHY NOT!), I did see that they were very supportive of dairy products. You couldn't throw a stick and not find somebody selling ice cream of some sort. You could find it in all kinds of desserts and even on a stick shaped like Mickey Mouse himself. I caught The Farmer beating the Florida heat more than once with some of that ice cream.

Speaking of that famous mouse, I think there is no doubt that he is a milk drinker. 

Mickey Mouse Milk
Chef Mickey says to drink at least three glasses of milk a day and I couldn't agree more! No wonder The Farmer likes that mouse.

Agent 442, reporting from the Udder Side.

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