Monday, March 31, 2014

Got Milk? Then Give Milk! The Great American Milk Drive

Did you know that Michael Bay directed the very first Got Milk commercial?

We were thinking it would be awesome to have Mr. Bay direct a movie about superhero cows. Hey, he makes great big explosive movies about giant transforming robots, so why not?

The cows would be regular dairy cows by day and crime fighting cows in disguise by night! And obviously I would like to have an on screen cameo if not a full blown starring role. I'm a cow, I make milk, I already know I'm a hero. And the best part would be how the superhero cows would take the reward money they receive and use it to purchase milk for the needy.

In the meantime, we don't have to wait for a movie because we can be the good guys right now. We can all start helping the needy with a new program called The Great American Milk Drive which begins on April 2:

Milk is one of the most asked for nutrition staples at food banks, yet of the 37 million Americans served, less than a gallon of milk goes to each person every year.

The Great American Milk Drive is here to change that – giving Americans a simple way to make a difference and donate milk to help food insecure families in their communities.

Want to be a superhero? You can when you participate in the Great American Milk Drive where you will be able to donate milk to food banks in your local communities. Hey, Michael Bay might make a movie about you. It could happen. So, like, call me, Michael, whenever you have time. You've got my number, right?

Agent 101, reporting from the Udder Side.

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