Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dairy Farmers Actually Promote Dairy Products

So while we were wasting time between milkings reading the internet we came across this Mark Bittman tweet. Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark,Mark, Mark. (Wink, wink!) We know what you were doing. You were tweeting this sarcastically to point out how false this story is.

Notions Capital is reporting that The USDA is promoting eating pizza. Nope nope nope. While we're only cows maybe we can elaborate on what they probably meant to say. 

Dairy farmers sell milk that they get from us. They sell it to processors who then sell it as fluid milk or any number of delicious dairy products. The farmers decided they would like to all join in and promote our wholesome product. Thus they started the dairy check off. 

How do you collect all this money safely and securely? They decided to form DMI to do it.

But wait who is in charge of this money?

Who spends the money?

Whose money is it?

Ding, ding, ding. If you answered the farmers then you guessed correctly.

The farmers have state dairy boards and then select some of those farmer board members to be on a regional board. Then they select some of those farmer members to be on the national board. What that means is that dairy farmers are the one's hiring people to promote, research, and defend our naturally good product. And they're doing it with their own money.

Let's talk about pizza. There are three major parts. The crust, the tomato sauce, and what was the other one? Cheese! And cheese is made out of.......that's right, our milk. So dairy farmers helped pizza folks figure out how to put the best tasty cheese on pizzas.

But there's more than just pizza. Dairy farmers use check off dollars to, as the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association (they're one of those regional dairy boards that dairy farmers are on) says, to
....work(s) with schools, health professionals, farmers and the public to provide them with nutritional information, research and recipes for a healthy lifestyle that includes three servings of milk, cheese or yogurt each day.
Agent 101, spreading the truth like warm butter, on the Udder Side.

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