Monday, September 10, 2012

Dairy Cow Glide

Just because I'm a cow doesn't mean I can't shake it on a Saturday night, sister! This is National Line Dancing Week. Really, it is. I wouldn't make it up if it weren't true! And do you know where line dancing originated? It just so happens that dairy cows, like myself, enter the dairy barn to be milked in a line. One farmer was playing a radio in the barn and as the cows came in one began tapping her hoof and another followed suit and well, the next thing you know: line dancing cows. And it caught on like wildfire!

I was called down to the local dance hall to teach one of the most popular line dances, The Dairy Cow Glide.  It goes like this:

Hooves to the left
Hooves to the right
Moo in the air with all your might
Swish your tail 
From side to side
Now you're doing the dairy cow glide

Now after dancing up a storm like that you are definitely going to want some liquid refreshment. While you might reach for something different, I can assure you that nothing will get you back in the dancing groove quicker than a tall glass of chocolate milk! Chocolate milk is the new recovery drink of choice for athletes because it is just plain awesome! It rehydrates and has protein and carbohydrates that are exactly what your muscles need to get going. Just imagine what it can do for you and your dancing!

Agent 423, the dancing queen on the Udder Side.

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